209 ”Berned” by Bernie Sanders

shiksappeal speaks

Last fall, a fellow disability activist and close friend of mine introduced me to Bernie Sanders. From the moment I first heard his platform, I was hooked. After living abroad several years in a country with socialized medicine and heavily subsidized education, I was thrilled an American politician was proposing these policies here. Due to my own disabilities, the cost of healthcare has become exorbitant and becoming chronically ill forced me to leave my career in public service litigation to collect meager social security benefits. So, Bernie’s message resonated strongly with my own personal experience of being in the 99%.


I was so moved by his message that I began volunteering for the campaign, be it through phonebanking, texting or simply bringing his message to everyone I knew. I believed so strongly in the change he could effect that I even donated more money than I could otherwise afford to…

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4 kommentarer till 209 ”Berned” by Bernie Sanders

  1. thomask69 skriver:

    Being a Swedish Citizen, I hope the Americans can get a future to Believe in.
    Good luck.


  2. thomask69 skriver:

    And now I read the whole post, realizing you gone over to Clinton.
    I hope you can transform your political system to not be so persontrapt. I meen that it is the ideas, not persons, you must vote on.
    Socialdemocrats are good start to a future whith more than just to partys.
    But I am not American and can only Hope you will make USA a country that will climb in The Good Country Index to the top ten whith us Scandinavian countrys.


  3. Ich möchte der FA und der MA der EKD erstmal danken, daß sie diese Website erstellt hat. Als Organisation reiht sich sie sich damit ein in eine gesellschaftliche Entwicklung, die der Ausgrenzung und Abwertung von Menschen entgegentritt wegen bestimmter Merkmale, hier die sexuelle Orientierung zum eigenen Geschlecht, Das pa0t eigentlich gut zur Verkündigung der Kirche, daß die Liebe zum Nächsten im Mittelpunkt stehen soll.


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